Penn Mentor Program

As a group, we are tired of mental health being overlooked by the masses. A large group of Penn alumni have banded together to provide emotional wellness support * to current students, to show them that it is not weak to ask for help, and to live by our motto to “Never Tackle Life Alone.” The group is not only limited to former Penn Athletes; we hope to eventually add other groups, and eventually move on to other colleges. The thought behind the program is that students will be more willing to open up to someone with whom they can relate.

* This is a group of alumni who want to help out and should not take the place of trained professionals.

What it takes to be a Mentor:
  • Go through a short training of a couple hours, either in person or online, so you know the proper way to assist your mentee.
  • Introduce yourself, the program and why you believe in it.
  • Be in contact with your mentor weekly or biweekly by text.
  • Connect with your mentee in person or by phone at least once a month.
  • There will also be local events planned that you are encouraged, but not required to attend.

We will be having a Mentor Training Day on 9/7/14 in the afternoon, tentatively slotted from 10am – 12am. Cogwell UPenn will be running the event, similar to the one they ran for current students earlier in the year, and the previous one they ran for this Mentor Group. The event is open to everyone. The more people that know how to help their friends in need, the better!

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