Prevention & Education

Knowledge is power

The Kyle Ambrogi Foundation believes that educating teens and young adults, parents, teachers and coaches about the signs of depression and how to seek medical help is the first step in suicide prevention.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

AFSP offers age related educational programs for high school and college counselors, coaches and students, without cost to the schools. The Kyle Ambrogi Foundation provides funds to AFSP to support their educational programs provided to schools and colleges throughout the greater Philadelphia area. If you would like to know more about their educational program or interactive screening tool, please visit

Survivors of Suicide

SOS believes that sharing your experiences and feelings with each other is the best form of help. They feel that all who have suffered a suicide loss can help others comprehend the incomprehensible and strive to assure the availability of a safe place to give and receive support. Please visit Philly SOS to learn more.

For You or A Family Member

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression or you have lost someone you love to suicide there are many resources available to you.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: